Since this seems to be such a hot topic tonight…

My Yuna is single. She has been single since I created her, and I have every intention of keeping her single until some super-duper-amazing interaction happens between her and another character that enables a relationship to make sense.

—That being said, whoever she ends up with will most definitely not be a Tidus. She has her (yes, her) Tidus who is with Squall. And zanarkandabeace and I have done some really beautiful development as far as that’s concerned. So for her, Tidus is off-limits, no matter who he is played by.

However, I will freely interact with whoever wishes to interact with my Yuna, even if it is a Tidus. If I have 10 Tiduses wanting to talk to my Yuna, I will respond to them. And it will always be in a friendly and un-romantic manner.

Not all roleplay interactions need to lead to romance. If you think every roleplay needs to be some sort of ship, then you’re missing the pleasure of the hobby entirely. Everyone plays a character differently so it’s interesting to see the separate portrayals. By denying others interactions because “oh, I already have this character in a set relationship with mine” when you’re talking about free-roaming (i.e. not in a closed RP group) accounts just means you want us to be rude to one another.

No. None of us would be able to roleplay if we consistently said to one another, “Sorry, I can’t roleplay with you, I already roleplay with your character elsewhere.”